Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

1st April 2015

Howdy ! so its 2015! Christmas has been and gone and its the start of a brand new year, hope you all had a wonderful christmas and saw the new year in in style, I had a lovely time spent with my beautiful family. I really do love the festive period, it was my youngest daughter’s first ever christmas and she had the best time, she didn’t have a clue what was going on but she enjoyed opening her little presents with the rest of us.

Speaking of presents, I got a lovely new lip colour from my eldest daughter which I am going to review now. The thing is, I might not have gone for this product if I had spotted it first and that’s only because it looks like a crayon, but the beauty of having a teenage daughter is that she saw this and thought, “yeah it looks like a crayon that’s cool ill get it for mum” . .. It is Revlon’s Colorburst Matte Balm. The shade I am wearing is 220 ‘Showy’ .It is around £7 (I wouldn’t normally look at the prices of gifts but I had to on this occasion!) Anyway, I really like this and I am going to try some of the other shades, there are ten to choose from, ranging from nude to a vibrant plum so there should be something to suit all, the shade my daughter Shannon chose for me is a rather vibrant pink, it glides on smoothly and lasts quite a long time. I wore it during the day and I reapplied probably 2 or 3 times whereas normally it would be a lot more. It has got a lovely matte finish which makes a nice change from the usual shimmery or glossy lip colours, initially on taking off the lid it genuinely looks like a stubby crayon it has a lovely peppermint scent to it but as far as I can tell doesn’t have a flavour to match, the peppermint makes you feel slightly tingly and fresh and is quite nice really, I think some may not be too keen but I myself do like it I vaguely remember a minty lip balm I was given years ago by benefit which I did like so the mint gets a thumbs up!

So How Does Colorburst Matte Balm Fare?

IMAG4294_1_1I like it, because it is a ‘Balm’ it moisturises your lips and glides on so smoothly when you apply it it feels really nice, not cloying or heavy like lipstick can sometimes feel, but nicely moisturising. If you suffer from dry lips it’s a good idea to prep your lips first as the matte finish could accentuate any flakiness. A little tip for smooth lips is to coat your lips with a thin layer of petroleum jelly/vaseline and then, using circular motions, use a soft bristled tooth brush to ‘buff’ away any dry skin/ Make sure you use gentle circular motions but do not scrub – you only want to remove the dry skin. Wipe away with a soft washcloth or tissue and voila! Soft, kissable lips! Add an extra dab of vaseline if you like afterwards, then you are ready to apply your Revlon matte balm.

Revlon themselves recommend applying a little foundation to your lips when doing your base as a perfect canvas to apply your balm but thats down to personal preference I personally don’t do that but you could use a lip primer if you wish,the balm is easy to use and creates a nice line and because it is quite chunky it fills in the lips with just a couple of smooth strokes, it didn’t make my lips feel dry at all in fact it was quite the opposite, it doesn’t feel ‘cakey’ either and the colour stays very vibrant for a few hours which is always a good thing ,containing Shea, Mango and Coconut Butter this rich matte crayon nourishes your lips as you wear it ,it comes in a retractable case so there is no need for a sharpener, it also has a ‘buildable’ colour so apply just a little for a wash of matte colour or build up the layers for a richer more intense colour and finish, I have applied three layers for the photo to show you how rich the colour is …I think 2015 is the year to be bold I highly recommend this lip colour as a good start bold, be beautiful but above all be YOU …Skyflower xx


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1st April 2015
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