Eyeko Fat Eye Stick

1st May 2015

RRP: £16.00 for 3 shades

Available exclusively from Birchbox.

I’ll do the pros first…as there are so few. The colours are decent (if slightly generic) and come in smoky black, brown and taupe. They have a good metallic shimmer to them and are quite pigmented. You get a good amount of product and the twist stick crayon is great for sticking in your bag on the go.

Sadly that’s where the compliments end.

First and foremost, this stuff didn’t set. It says it has a ‘creamy’ formula but to me, felt oh so sticky and it stayed that way. No doubt this made smudging the product easier but it was so easy to disturb it if I put my hands anywhere near my face. I found it had no staying power whatsoever. There are many eyeliners such as Urban Decay’s 24/7 Velvet Glide-on Eye Pencils or Too Faced’s Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliner that smudge easily then set for a longer lasting finish. Luckily I use setting spray

Because of the super sticky formula, I found it pulled most of my eye primer off. I regularly use Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion and found much of this ended up on the end of the crayon.

Lastly, my pet hate with this whole twisty crayon format is that once you’ve worn down the sharp edge, you’re left with a flat edge which is only good for covering your eyelid. By using this over a pencil product you would expect to waste less, but you still have to sharpen the flattened edge back to a point which is actually a whole lot messier than with an ordinary pencil. Not to mention the fact that this didn’t fit into the larger hole of my sharpener. I had to resort to using a brush thus cancelling out any on-the-go convenience.




All in all, not a great product from a premium company that claims to be all about eyes. I’ve brought better things from supermarket own brand ranges and certainly would not pay the RRP for this product.

1st May 2015
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