My Review on Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips

25th March 2016

When it comes to my teeth, I do like to show off a good pair of pearly white nashers and I do have a tendency to twitch a little when they are starting to dull down to a yellow colour.

Over the years I have heard far too many horror stories about teeth whitening and it is so important to point out that you can cause some serious damage to your teeth’s enamel if you are using the wrong products with the wrong strengths.

Mr Blanc’s teeth whitening strips are non peroxide that you can easily do from your own home. So after one too many Indians and cups of coffee, i’m ready for a top up.

The teeth whitening strips work by absorbing to the enamel of your teeth to remove deep staining, in a effective but safe way, this will provide a white smile in just 14 days.

The strips are flexible clear strips that are coated in a tooth whitening gel that you stick directly to the top and bottom rows of your teeth, folding over any excess strip to the back of the teeth, this will help ensure the strips stay in place. You wear them for 30 minutes, once a day for as long as you feel you require them. The whitening gel helps to remove the stains that have built up on the surface and that have occurred within the tooth itself, giving you the best results as the time passes.

The strips themselves hold great to the teeth, but as I always find it hilarious trying to talk with them on my teeth, I do tend to stay quiet for the 30 minutes which also helps to not build up so much saliva which can lift them off, plus it gives the other half 30 minutes of peace. I found the best time to put them on, is after dinner. That way no food will then be staining them after you take them off. I start off by brushing my teeth and then i dry them off, apply the strips to my teeth and park my butt in front of the television for half an hour.
The strips themselves are very comfortable to apply and wear and have a minty freshness to them that I have not had before with teeth whitening strips. They don’t burn or sting but if you do feel that your teeth are becoming sensitive then take them off and brush your teeth with a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I am very happy to recommend these whitening strips as they are 100% safe to use. After 14 days of using Mr Blanc, my smile is ready to dazzle for the summer.

25th March 2016
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