How To Create Stunning Smokey Eye Effects

smokey eye
31st August 2015

Here are my ten steps towards creating the perfect smokey eye. In this photo tutorial, I will be using the Urban Decays Naked One Palette.

Step one:

Get your skin clean and fresh, ready for your makeup to be applied, by washing, cleansing and moisturising your face. You can also use a primer or moisturiser recommended for your skin type. I like to use illamasqua hydra veil as I have dehydrated skin and like to have a fresh dewy finish to my complexion.

clean face

Step two:

I will now prime the eyes with my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer in colour Eden. This will stop your eyeshadow from creasing and also hold on to it and make the product last a lot longer, remember to take it all the way up to the brow bone and use your ring finger to smooth out any brush strokes.

eye primer

Step three:

Set the primer with a light matte eyeshadow, such as the colour Foxy from Urban Decay. This will take away the tackiness residue from the primer and also give the rest of the shadows something to blend into.

matte eyeshadow

Step four:

Next, fill in those eyebrows. Remember that fuller looking eyebrows portray youth, so keeping them thicker will make you look younger. Also remember to shape accordingly, ideally you want your eyebrow to be thicker on the inner part and then more tapered to a thinner brow as it reaches your temples.

fill in eyebrows

Step five:

I am now applying the colour Naked from the Urban Decay Naked Palette all over the lid and underneath the eye with a fluffy 217 brush from MAC. Always remember to start with lighter colours and gradually get darker, giving you a beautiful blended effect this will give you more control of the darker colours.

applying eyeshadow

Step six:

With a Louise Young tapered brush, I now apply the colour Buck into the crease creating a rounded smoky look. Remember to blend out the colours with a fluffy brush such as a 217 to keep that softness and to remove any harsh lines.

smoky eyes

Step seven:

Using Urban Decay 24/7 perversion eyeliner, I create a smoky feel by applying it to the bottom of the lid and buffing it towards the tear duct use your finger to soften, if you find it too harsh.

smokey eye

Step eight:

Apply the colour Dark Horse into the outer corners of the eye and remember to blend and then reapply to help build the colours up. Use the colour Smog on the lid and blend into Dark Horse. Use these steps and apply on the bottom lid as well.

dark eyeshadow

Step nine:

Next, apply the colour half-baked into the tear duct as this will make your eyes appear bigger. Bring it underneath the eye and blend in and also on the lid blending into the colour smog.

eye makeup

Step ten:

You may now want to use a concealer under the eye to clear up any fall out from the eye shadow. Lastly, apply some mascara to your lashes or you can also add false lashes, If you want a more dramatic and glamorous effect.

fake lashes

31st August 2015
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