Pommade Divine (Nature’s Remedy Balm) Review

1st January 2016

This miracle cream made quite a few claims, all based around cry irritated skin. 97% natural ingredients apparently should lead to wonderfully supple skin, even on hideously cracked heels. I was sold purely on the label, I suffer a lot from dry skin so I felt like the perfect candidate to try it. With all this promise I was apprehensive about trying it. Once I got it home the first thing I did was smell it and feel it. The smell was rather powerful, rather like walking past LUSH in the high street, but it felt very silky and moist.

I first of all tried this on my nails after removing nail varnish. I wear nail varnish for about a week, so my nails do get very dry. Within seconds of me putting this on I was sold, my nails now looked brand new and it lasted for a while (before I put more nail varnish on). I imagine if you used it regularly you would notice a significant difference in the health of your nails.

pommade divine balm

The second test was on my face, which suffers a lot from dry skin. It claims to calm and soothe, so I was hoping for any redness to subside slightly as well when using it. I immediately came across a slight issue in that the silkiness comes from the fact that it leaves your skin feeling almost greasy. So you could only really use it on your face overnight using a pillowcase you don’t really care for. After it had mostly soaked in it had helped with the dryness of the skin but the redness was almost worse than before, so I stopped using it on my face.

The third and final test was on my ‘working mans’ feet, which you can see from the first picture, ain’t pretty. Although I was sold with the use on my nails, I still didn’t believe it could help my heels in any way. I have a PedEgg at home which I use from time to time and the effects wear off after a week. The second image is after I applied the cream, it instantly took most of the dryness away from the heel of my foot. I decided not to re-apply it to see how long the effects lasted and I was surprised to find that after 3 days they still hadn’t gotten back to their original state (though some dryness has reappeared in that time).
Overall I would certainly recommend the cream for dry skin, but I perhaps wouldn’t recommend it to be used on the face.


Leaves you feeling soft and gets rid of dry skin for a few days, too oily to use on the face however.

1st January 2016
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