Models Own Glitter Absinthe Nail Varnish Review

1st December 2015
models own absinthe

So this is a review of the devilishly named Absinthe nail varnish (NP175) from Models Own. At a first glance you may notice the flocked top, this gives the varnish bottle at the very least a rather luxurious feel. It was so soft to touch that many people (including myself) felt the need to rub it, a lot. Packaging aside, this nail varnish had promise when I first got it home.

I added a clear base coat to my nails first, then added a thick layer of the gorgeous absinthe. I noticed as I was applying the varnish that the very fine glitter was accompanied by an opaque green varnish, this meant that I only needed one thick coat to actually get a good result. It did however take a very, very long time to dry. I was frantically trying to dry it with a hair dryer and even put my hands in the freezer but it was all in vain. I would advise waiting for it to harden before trying to clear it up as the glitter makes it near impossible to keep tidy.

models own nail varnish

Once it finally hardened I added a last top coat, a clear coat, which made the colour go from fabulous to down right devine. I must say it’s an amazing colour, and not something I have seen before in a nail varnish. It felt rather nice, it also lasted quite a while before I saw my first chip. Overall I would say that it’s quite a good nail varnish, if I were to pick any downsides I suppose it would be drying time and once it starts to chip it chips quick.


Fantastic look and colour, but takes a very long time to dry and isn't easy to tidy up due to the glitter (also chips fast).

1st December 2015
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