Hair Play Dry Wax

1st September 2015

BED HAIR! Men find it sexy apparently, so I thought I would give it a go – try and woo my hubby, wink wink. We are going for an alluring just got out of bed look NOT a couldn’t find my hairbrush look, there is a fine line! Anyway luckily I was given a sample of ‘Hair Play Dry Wax‘ by KMS California.

So What Does Hair Play Dry Wax Do?

Retailing at around £14, this spray in dry wax promises to deliver a perfectly undone look with tousled definition, flexible hold and a matte finish. The matte finish worried me a little as I like my hair to look shiny and healthy and I had visions of my hair looking dry and dull but I was pleasantly surprised, I have straight long hair with a half grown out fringe so its not always easy to achieve a tousled look. I think someone with layered hair or a shorter style could get a really great result from this product (or someone who actually knows what they are doing – haha) BUT here goes I am going to throw caution to the wind and give it a try.

How I Used It

I washed, conditioned and towel dried my hair (gently) then, as directed, I shook the can and sprayed lightly throughout my hair I then blow dried using my fingers instead of a brush or comb – hoping to add a bit of texture. Once dried I styled it a little by using my fingers and tousling my hair while spraying a little more of the dry wax onto my hair.

The Result

I am not totally convinced to be honest but I really think if you had a few layers in your hair as well as this product you would most definitely see a more tousled undone effect. One thing I did like about it though was that it is a spray rather than a wax in a pot, so you could spray directly onto the hair rather than getting gunky hands. It has a pleasant fruity scent, not overpowering at all, I felt that it left my hair feeling a tiny bit dry but not enough to put me off and the matte effect was quite nice. My hair still looks healthy, this product really takes me back to the 90s, the grunge era where messy hair was super cool and I think grunge is coming back(don’t quote me on that!) I am already seeing girls in 90s style jeans, plaid shirts and leather but it is a more polished grungey look and I like it! I have noticed throughout the day my style has stayed in place so I would give the hold about 3 out of 5, it gives just enough flexible hold to stay in place but also your hair still moves which is a big plus for me, I am not a fan of stiff hair, a bit later in the day I reapplied onto my dry hair and it seems to work better that way so my little tip is to use on dry hair using your fingers to tousle and voila! Sexy bed hair! Since I am going to bed tonight with ‘bed hair’ already I should wonder what will I look like by the morning …the mind boggles! so for tousled texture I definitely recommend KMS hair play dry wax spray …ta-ta for now ,Skyflower xx

1st September 2015
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