Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil

1st August 2015

Ever wished you had a pen knife as part of your make-up arsenal?
When I opened up this month’s Birchbox and saw the Chella Ivory Lace highlighter pencil I was pretty chuffed, I can tell you – not least because the usual price tag is £15.95!!
But this one is a beauty; it is completely multi-functional and is a fantastic product.

It works a treat when used as a highlighter on the eyes:

  • Try blending across the brow bone
  • Use around the lash line to contrast with mascara
  • Dot along the inner edge near the tear duct to make eyes shine

It will enhance any of your favourite areas; I loved using it in combination with a blush to create dramatic shadows on my cheekbones.
It is also really useful for sharpening other features:
You can use to shade and slim down the nose
Try applying to the Cupid’s Bow and around the lip line to keep your lippy in place whilst creating a gorgeous pout
I also found it helpful when applied sparingly to areas that I wanted to disguise. Those grey bags under my eyes after the weekend and awkward red blemishes disappeared after I dotted the highlighter over them and blended with my foundation.
As well as being a dream to apply, with a smooth action and easily blended product, the colour is perfect. Often, peach can wash out certain skin tones but this is just the right shade. Try Latte for mid shade skin tones and Cinnamon for darker colouring.
It is a really handy and useful product to have, for its ability to refresh and invigorate any look in such a multitasking way – as a highlighter, contour pencil and even concealer. What a shame it is so expensive! I think though, on reflection, it is worth the investment. Whilst you can’t open a tin of beans with it, the beauty possibilities are fairly endless. And, you can get it through airport security, no problem.


Works a treat when used as a highlighter on the eyes

1st August 2015
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