The Ultimate Guide To Wearing Metallic Makeup

25th July 2016

So, we know that not everyone is all about having rosy cheeks and wearing hot red lipsticks. Just like everyone else we like to let our hair down and show off a more daring side to our makeup routines. There is no better way to do that then going in on the metallic makeup, right? Whether you are thinking gold embellishments, silvery shadows or full on heavy metal makeup, is is still very wearable.

Here is how you can mix some metallic into your life without going overboard on all the shimmer.

Rose Gold.

Rose gold shade are great as they have both qualities, warm and cool which makes these shades perfect for pretty much all skin tones and will also look great as an everyday makeup. You can wear this colour on your lip, cheeks or eyelids.

Silvery Shimmer.

Silver eyeshadows can really pop on skin tones that are fair to dark skin with cool undertones. Play up the silver by pairing it with a cat eye.

Golden Shades

Wearing gold is a great alternative to the smokey eye and will work great with skin tones that have a warmer undertone to them. You can also lightly dust it over the middle of your lips and create a gilded lipstick or layering it up on your lids for a seductive evening look.

Coppery Shades

Copper shades have a warm undertone to them so it is most flattering to those with golden skin tones. When applying to the eyes, look out for a cream based eyeshadow with a strong pigmentation to them and blend out with your fingers, this will make your eyes really pop.

If you are just starting out with adding metallic to your beauty routine that start slow. Start off with something that is quite easy and simple. Try replacing your black eyeliner and going for a gold or silver one.

Add a primer to your lids because this will help create a base for your metallic pigments to stick to. A creamy primer will keep it in place all day.

Try not to go overboard. If you are adding metallic to your eyes or lips then keep the rest of your face fairly simple. You can keep the highlighter of course, just bare in mind that balance is the key to metallics.

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25th July 2016
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