A Guide On How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

18th April 2016

When it comes the the beauty trends, they come and go, but having the appearance of big eyes have always been appealing to have and achieve. While some of us are just blessed with big peepers, like Emma Stone, the rest of us remain somewhat jealous but also challenged in making our eyes pop. Luckily though for us, there is a slew of beauty products and cosmetics along with a few handy tricks can that help. Here we are sharing with you a step by step guide on how to achieve the deer in headlights look ( in the best way ).

1: Nude Lids

Start by applying a nude matte shadow over the entire lid. Doing this will even out any colouring you may have and it will create the best base to start with.

2: Eyeliner

Lightly apply your eyeliner to the upper and lower lids, Start from the inner corner and work your way to the outer with a soft brown or taupe colour. When you apply to the outer corner, apply it a little bit heavier, this will create and longer look instead of rounded.

3: Lining under your eyes

If you are very fond of lining your lower lash line with a dark colour, take a neutral colour or a white pencil and line with these instead. This will brighten your eyes massively. But if you do prefer to line your lower lash line with a darker colour, then do a few extra stroke of liner towards the outer corner for that wider eye look.

4: Adding Depth

To add some depth to the eye, apply another eyeshadow colour that is a shade or two darker than the nude that was applied. Apply this colour to your crease and blend out upward towards your brow instead on down to the lid.

5: Highlight

Using a highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes will draw focus to your eyes. You can also achieve this with white powder if you aren’t fond of highlighters.

Highlighting under the brow bone can also help.

6: Lashes.

Having big and thick lashes will command more attention to your eyes. Use and lash curler and curl your lashes and then apply a few coats of your favourite black mascara. If you really want to achieve big thick lashes then invest in some fake lashes or individuals.

18th April 2016
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