How To Choose The Right Makeup For Fair Skin

13th June 2016

Hey there Porcelain dolls and others that have fair complexions. Whilst people drool over your snow white complexion, little do they know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect makeup for you skin tone. Even some of the lightest colours you try seem to be slightly to dark too! Ditch the makeup that kind of works for you, as we are here to help you find your ideal tones for your fair complexion.

Here’s a few things that you beauties will need to look out for when you are taking a trip down the makeup aisle.

Foundations For Fair Skin

When choosing a foundation for your porcelain complexion, work with your undertones. When working with your undertones will help you to determine which foundation will be perfect for you. Figure out if your undertones are warm, neutral or cool, if you are unsure then ask a beauty expert at the beauty counter. Also try a fair friendly foundations to pinpoint your exact shade.


As you have fair skin, you may feel that you can’t use a bronzer, but that isn’t the case at all. In fact you can rock a bronzer is different ways, that including contouring your pale complexion.

You can also add a hint of warmth to your cheeks by using a sheer shade that has a hint of peach or pink. Do remember that less is more and you are able to add more if needed. Too much of the bronzer and you won’t be fooling anyone.


So you have probably thought that using too dark of a shade will come off like a bruise and give off the appearance of a few black eyes, or even using tones that are too pink in colour will make you look ill. Forget all that! They will blend in will your skin tone.

If you have a warmer undertone then stick to bronze and all the earthy colours, while you guys with the cooler undertone go perfect with greys and metallic shades.

Lip Colours

Contrary to what you have thought about lipstick colours for fair skinned girls but with a complexion like yours, you can go from barely there nudes to big and bold colours. If you prefer a nude shade then opt for nudes that have a slight pink or peach undertone, otherwise you may look a little washed out.

For cool undertones, shades such as coral peach are great. Warm undertones, orange lip colours will look stunning on you and for the cooler undertones opt for the bluish red shades.

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13th June 2016
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