A Beauty Guide For Those Girly Nights In

27th June 2016

Girly nights in are just as important as those girly night’s out. Getting all of your girls together for a relaxing evening, enjoying wine, takeout food and all sorts of pampering. This is a perfect way to unwind after an exhausting week. Having laughing fits with your girlfriends whilst indulging yourselves in beauty treatments is one of the bests way for you all to recharge. So, with all that being said, we here at Truebelle have pulled together all the beauty requirements needed to host a fab night in. We have broken the guide down into ‘Beauty Stations’, that way you guests can pick and choose where that want to reboot.

Beauty Station 1:


You can’t have a girls night in without manicures. If you’re lucky enough to own your own full set of manicure products then that’s perfect. If you don’t, let’s stick to the basics: clippers, cuticle pusher and a nail file. And instead of just offering nail polishes, throw in some nail art too. Patterned nail wraps and glitter topcoats, mix things up a little.

Beauty Station 2:


So having toe separators and nail polish are great staples for a pedicure station, but to give it a huge upgrade, add some sweet smelling foot scrub. If you don’t have any, don’t freak as making them yourself is easy. Mix ¼ cup of Epsom or sea salts with a few drops of lavender oil, in warm water and voila, exfoliating foot scrub. It will feel and smell like you are in a luxury spa.

Beauty Station 3:


You can’t host a girls night in without face masks. And let be honest with ourselves, having all your girlfriends covered in weird green and grey gloop, is great for a group selfie. Whilst your mask is drying, soothe your eyes by placing chilled cucumber slices on your eyelids.

Beauty Station 4:


Remember when we were in primary school and we have all those little sleepovers and everyone would braid each others hair? Well why not do an adult version! Have a braid station and set it up with hairsprays,serums, bobby pins and elastics, set all these up in front of a mirror and re create the fishtail plaits or even a fancy braided bun.

Beauty Station 5:


Hosting a girls night in is a perfect opportunity to go nuts with your makeup palettes and try out something new and wild. Set up a station of palettes, makeup brushes, your laptop or Ipad and a mirror so that way you can follow along with your favourite tutorial. Just make sure that you have lots of wipes as things could get messy.

Beauty Station 6:

Selfie Time.

This is a great idea to add to a girls night in, a ‘selfie booth’. In your home, choose a place where you can add a back drop, pin up a piece of cute wrapping paper or some adorable tapestry, so when everyone has finished, they can take an amazing glamour shot with a great background. After all this effort, you are going to want to document it right?.

Feature Image Credit: poznyakov / 123RF Stock Photo

27th June 2016
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