A Guide To Awesome Eyeliner Styles And Colours

22nd February 2016

How to Choose the Best eyeliner for your eye colour.

Certain Shades of eyeliner can intensify the colour of your eyes and also change their appearance.

Here are some of our colour theories behind our natural eye colours.

For Blue Eyes

Using Contrasting shades such as copper and gold tone, will make the bluest of eyes appear bluer.

With warm metallics, they can pick up the tiny flecks of gold in the iris, this will light up cool blue eyes.

Try keep the liner tight to the lashline.

Try other colours: Champagne tones, Navy, and Terracotta.

Try Liner: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel in the Colour Denim Ink. E.L.F Studio Cream in copper.

For Green Eyes

On a colour wheel, red complements green, so picking shades and with slight red undertones will look dazzling on green eyes.

Shades such as Amethyst and bronze are particular favourites.

If they start to make you look tired then lining the lid in a black first will help this.

Other Colours: Mahogany, Rust and Aubergine.

Try Liner: MAC Technakohl in Conscious. Essence Eye Pencil in Chocolate Brownie.

For Brown Eyes

With Brown eyes you cannot go wrong with warm earthy tones. But using and amber or a midnight blue tones will accentuate the natural flecks in brown eyes.

If these are a little daring for you then you can always just line your waterline.

Using a dark blue to rim the eyes gives the same effect as it would a black but in a less severe way.

Try Colours: Purple, Cobalt and Mink Gray.

Try Liner: Chanel Long Lasting in Ambre Dore. Iman Eyeshadow pencil in Forbidden.

For Hazel Eyes

Warm browns will enhance the richness of an hazel eye. Emerald greens and golds will also bring out the green tones.

To add a little kick of radiance to your eyes, try adding gold tone to the inner of your eyes and across the centre of your lid.

Try Colours: Plum, Olive and Bronze.

Try Liners: Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer in Ripe Plum. L’oreal Paris Infallible Eye Crayon in Everlasting Gold.


How to Apply the different styles of Eyeliner.

If you are wanting to up your game in the eyeliner department, these little techniques will try to help you master the different eyeliner looks.

Eyeliner is a great way to play with colour but it’s also great for reshaping your eye. Where you put the dark shades is where the eye is drawn too, which is how eyeliners allow you to create a different eye shape.

To help you in making your eyes looking bigger and fresher or if you have small eyes, to help make them appear bigger.

Top Lashline

This is the simplest way to wear your eyeliner.

With a kohl pencil, close your eye and gently pull your lid taut to draw your line from the inner to outer edge.

Wiggle the liner in between the lashes as you go which will create a fuller looking lash. If you are after a thicker line go back over and create it slightly bigger.

Use a angled brush to smudge the line, this will make the harsh lines a little softer.

Brighter Eyes

On the days where you look like you have had an hours sleep, the oldest trick to appear more wide eyed and awake is to use a beige coloured liner across your water line.

The beige shade will neutralise the redness and make your eyes appear bigger.

Gently pull down your lower lid, with your pencil go over the exposed waterline. Careful to not poke yourself.

Coloured Bottom Liner

All you need for this statement look is a bold long wearing eye pencil.

A long wear pencil will last for hours and also give you a bold matte colour.

Apply the liner to just the lower lashline, from inner to outer corner. For a more cohesive look, apply a shadow to the upper lids using the colour but two shades lighter.

If you want to break up the colour a little, you can use a thin black line to your upper lashline.

Natural Definition

The upper rim is an important area to define. Applying a black eyeliner will instantly accentuate your lash line and define your natural look with out a hard edge of a liner.

As you lift up your upper lid whilst looking down to your mirror, you can easily apply the liner in short strokes to get a defined eye.

Smudged All Over

A smokey eye effect. Easier than it looks to create. All you will need is a kohl pencil and an angled brush.

Draw a line along the upper lash line, from inner to outer corner. Then line your lower inner rim for a instant definition. Next draw along the lower lash line until the line connect the lines together at the outer edge.

With the angled brush start to smudge the lines out around the eye to create the smokey effect.

Winged Tip

The winged tip is the one of the most versatile eye liner styles. you can either go for a subtle wing or a bold look.

Best to be applied with a liquid liner as they have more of a reflective finish.

Using an angled brush to apply the liner from inner to outer corner of your upper lashline.

Make the line at a 45 degree angle to create the winged effect.

A tip to make this look easier is to draw the line on first with eyeshadow, that way any mess ups are easily erased.

Elongated Eye

For those of you that have smaller eyes or close set, you can lengthen your eyes by using the eyeliner on your outer corners.

Drawing a line with your eyeliner from the middle of your upper lash line to the outer corner without any winged effect.

Then apply eyeliner to your lower lash line from the middle to the outer corner, connecting the two tips.

Cat Eye

The Cat wing eyeliner is a 70’s throwback style. So if you are feeling a bit diva ish then this is a great style for you.

Apply with a thick strong line on your upper lash line, starting from the inner corner and extending it out past your outer corner.

Then using short strokes, on the lower lash line, draw a line from the inner corner and meet until you connect with the upper lash line line.

For a really dramatic look, make the lower line thicker.

Doubled Winged

A take on the winged tip with more of an edge. But is completely wearable.

After you have draw your winged tip on your upper lash line, then go ahead and mimic that line on your lash line making the 2 lines parallel.

Connect the 2 lines at the outer corner of the eye, not including the tips.

For a contrasting look, use a little highlight in the inner corners and your lower lash line.

60’s Inspired

For a 60’s throwback look, apply a thick line on your upper lash line then angle it out at the corner creating a winged tip. Then with your eyeliner, work the liner into the crease from the tip.

If you are after a bold look, apply a bright eyeshadow to your lid.

If you love playing with eyeliner and the different styles that you can create whether it’s being dramatic or a natural everyday look, then we hope that this wide mix of styles helps you in finding your favourites.

22nd February 2016
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