My First Yoga Experience

4th September 2017

So my friends, yesterday, I finally took the plunge and took part in my first yoga class. For the past 6 months I have said I wanted to give yoga a try, have a healthier lifestyle but hadn’t actually brought myself to try it. After finding out that the other half was away for work for 3 months, I decided that this would be the best time, no distractions or indulgent meals out or cuddles on the sofa when I should be doing classes. So I joined the gym and booked my yoga class and this is what I discovered.

You Will Sweat In A Yoga Class!

Guys! Yoga is a massive workout. I didn’t have many expectations about yoga but I definitely didn’t think I would feel the burn as much as I did. After my first class I can see how it would tone up your body and if you are like me and hit the gym like twice a year, then it will be difficult for you too … but trust me, don’t let it stop you! The environment was very comfortable and no one made me feel like an outsider if I couldn’t hold a pose or if I was in the wrong pose. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Spiritually Focused.

I knew that going into yoga was more of a mental game than a physical one which is a big part of why I wanted to give it a go. Having said that, I wasn’t expecting to be laying in a darkened room listening to instrumentals at the end of our session. Not that I didn’t like it, quite the opposite really. I also noticed that the instructor would not only describe the poses but would also give us anecdotes and spiritual guidance. All the things I was looking to get out of a yoga class.

You Are Where You Need To Be.

The one thing that I enjoyed most about the class was that the teacher focused on ‘you are where you need to be’. And I think for beginners this was great because if you couldn’t hit the poses he was teaching, then there was always an easier version to do so that was good for me. He made sure that you will be able to make the poses happen when you and your body was ready and to do what feels good. Cool right?

yoga class mat

I really liked my first yoga class so have decided to inject that into my new fitness regime and book classes for every Monday as well as a Sh’Bam class and will also be trying Legs Bums and Tums class. Fingers crossed i’ll be able to still walk by the weekend.

I will try to continue jotting down my gym journey if you guys are interesting in reading my experiences with it.

4th September 2017
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