The Top Best Beauty Hacks For Vaseline

1st February 2017


As a beauty blogger, we can usually get access to most beauty products on the market, but in this post we are going to appreciate one of the classics, in particular, Vaseline, and the beauty hacks that go along with the jelly. The unassuming jelly is an iconic staple that has been around for years, 150 to be exact. This multipurpose miracle does everything from soothing chapped lips, healing burns and hydrating your skin. But did you know that petroleum jelly can also be used to perform other beauty tricks. I mean, we are talking removing those panda eyes, mixing your own lip colours and also to highlight those cheekbones, the list goes on, so we have narrowed it down for you to the top 10.



Substitute For Mascara.

If you don’t particularly like wearing mascara all the time but you still want to have defined lashes then coat them in a little vaseline and it will give them a glossy finish. Not only does this help to condition your lashes but it is also rumoured to help them with growth.

Cracked Heels.

If you are having a nightmare with cracked heels, then apply a generous amount to your dry feet, chuck on some socks and leave them on overnight and in the morning you should have supper silky smooth feet.


Streaky Self Tanner.

To eliminate streaks from your self tanner, rub some vaseline on your elbows, wrists and knees before you start applying and this helps to keep your tanner from clinging to any dry patches you may have and this helps avoid patchiness.


Natural Glow

Instead of applying a highlighter, dab a little bit of vaseline along your cheekbones, under your brows and on the bridge of your nose, this will create a underated sheen.



To keep uncomfortable chafing at bay, rub some vaseline over the spots you are having trouble with. Use it sparingly as excess product may create a mess.



If you suffer from dry, cracked lips then vaseline works wonders to condition and is also great as a primer under drying lipsticks.


Split Ends.

If you are looking for something to conceal drab ends, just run a dab of vaseline through your fingers and run over your ends for smooth tips.


If you are having a straggly eyebrow day, then with a spoolie and a little bit of vaseline, you can groom your arches where they need to be.



Before applying your perfume, rub some vaseline to the areas that your will normally spray your perfume. Doing this will adhere the perfume to the vaseline for longevity.


Eye Makeup.

To gentle erase the waterproof mascara, false lashes and even liner, dip cotton swabs into vaseline and wipe across your eyelids.
Feature Image Credit: Steve Calcott on Flickr

1st February 2017
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