Super Crunchy Seasoned Roasties 

6th December 2017

Roast potatoes have got to be one of the best ways you can eat potatoes, you can’t beat a good pan full of roasties. I for one absolutely love eating potatoes – sod any diet that tries to limit such a marvellous carb. They are so cheap and versatile – Boulangère potatoes are a favourite in our house – full of flavour, cheap and pretty “set and forget” when it comes to food. Like cheap dauphinois potatoes really.

As Christmas is coming actually quite scarily quickly now I thought my first potato post should probably be a good old roastie. To me the perfect roast potato is fluffy on the inside with a crispy and deeply savoury flavoured coating. I’m not really one for subtle flavours – I know I shouldn’t but I use a lot of salt in my cooking. I try to reduce the amount of salt I need by adding lots of other flavours such as herbs, spices and garlic, but I really do love a salty roast potato!

When chopping my potatoes I try to chop mine into jagged shapes to ensure there’s plenty of “edgy” bits that will go crispy.

If you have any gluten intolerant guests feel free to use cornflour, millet flour, spelt or any other gf free flour.

My seasoning mixture is usually enough to do an entire big roasting pan of potatoes that tends to serve at least four or five greedy people with leftovers.

On the subject of Christmas, it can be such a lonely time for some people, for a vast number of different reasons. Parents are separated and children cannot be in two places at once, people are separated from their loved ones by distance – whether physical or perceived. At this festive time of year, remember those who may not have a happy Christmas – and if you have a spare seat at your table then why not extend an invitation to someone who may really enjoy it?



Potatoes, peeled and chopped

2 tbsp plain flour

1 tsp garlic granules

1 tsp dried parsley

Big pinch each of dried rosemary & thyme

Salt and pepper

Several glugs of sunflower oil or around 75g goose fat

Big tablespoon of butter


Preheat oven to 180º

Boil the potatoes for 10-15 minutes.

Drain and leave in colander to dry out. I do my potatoes early in the morning and leave them til much later to put them in the oven.

Mix all dry ingredients into the flour.

Heat sunflower oil or goose fat in a roasting dish in an oven at 180º

Transfer the potatoes back to the pan and shake them around a little to “worry” the edges of the potatoes.

Sprinkle on the seasoned flour and ensure the potatoes are coated.

Transfer the potatoes to the hot oil and cook for around 30 minutes.

Take potatoes out and give them a turn, ensuring any paler ones are moved to hotter parts of the oven dish. Add butter to the dish.

Return to the oven for a further 15-20 minutes until the potatoes are browned and crispy

6th December 2017
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