Summer Beauty Hacks That All You Girls Should Know

29th July 2016

As the temperatures have started to rise, the risk of makeup meltdowns has doubled and there is nothing worse then going about your business only to look into the mirror at the end of the day and noticing that your mascara has made its way from your lashes down your face and that’s just to start, you begin to notice that your accidentally wipe your brows, so they’ve elongated and that your foundation is now pooled at the base of neck!

To avoid such makeup drama’s, we have come up with some very helpful tips to help keep you looking like a glowing goddess from morning until night.

Baby powder

You can use baby powder for just about everything.

Not only does baby powder leave you smelling clean and fresh, you can also double it up as a dry shampoo. Dusting a little bit along your roots will soak in any oils that are making your hair greasy, you can also use it across your face so absorb excess oils but lightly brushing the powder over your face.

It is also great at removing sand from just about anywhere on your body.


Tame frizz and fly aways with a toothbrush.

Just spray a toothbrush with a little hairspray and tame back those pesky little flyaways.

Cream Blushers

Swap your powder for a cream.

I know this may seem counterintuitive, but when it is a really hot day, layering on the powder will most likely crack and flake up, whereas if you use a cream it will easily blend and will last you through sweaty days or even pool days.


Use deodorant to stop any stickiness.

This may sound odd but if you spray some deodorant on the back of your neck, it will help to stop any sweaty hair clinging to the back of your neck.

Baking Soda

Add baking soda to your beauty routine.

Not only does baking soda give your hair extra shine but it will also double up as an exfoliant, great for those fake tan mishaps that you need rescuing from. Baking soda is a summer beauty hero.

Blonde Hair

Keeping your colour.

Who doesn’t love a pool day right? Chlorine however isn’t always a great choice for bleached hair. So before you dive into that pool, give your hair a coat of olive oil, this helps create a barrier or drenching your hair in fresh water will help swell the shaft of the hair so the chlorine won’t be able to penetrate it as much.

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29th July 2016
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