Pros and Cons Of The Best Rated Lip Plumpers

29th March 2017

Lip Plumpers are a cheap and easy way to get fuller looking lips without resorting to a needle.  There are quite a few on the market that claim to plump up your pout, it’s tricky to know which one will actually work.  

The best of the lip plumpers will add a subtle shape and volume to your lips without making you look like someone has just socked you in the mouth. A bad lip plumper, can you leave you with a red flaky burning sensation on your lips.

Read on to find out which of these lip plumpers are the best and which ones you should pass up on.

Venom By DuWop

Lip Venom was the very first lip plumper on the market, which created the plumping category in the beauty industry. It uses essential oils to enhance your natural lips by increasing the circulation.

Pros: It’s the original spicy gloss that will plump. And even the packaging means business! Brush it on and then there it is, the tingling heated feeling, that ensures you the its plumping those lips.

Cons: That it doesn’t come in super size!

Transformulas Original Lip Volume Balm

With the Transformulas it contours your lips with the application wand, which will ensure all of your lips stay hydrated. You will feel a slight tingly sensation, but not a sting. The Lip Volume should be used 3 times a day in the first 30 days to receive maximum effect. After this period once a day is fine.

Pros: Clear, glossy balm that cools on the lips and works instantly to give you appearance of fuller lips. As well as having the instant benefits, this plumper will continue to work overtime to boost the fullness by harnessing the beeswax in the formula it encourages collagen synthesis.

Cons: It’s not cheap at around £30.

Too Faced Lip Injection

The Lip injection is also one of the first in the plumping category. Its contains Vitamin B and a chinese extract called Capsium which is medically proven technology that dilates the blood vessels creating the sexiest pout.

Pros: The Lip Injection is still one of the popular plumpers on the market, purely as it works. Once you apply it you will immediately feel a burn, this makes you swell and become redder and plumper.

Cons: The gloss itself can be a bit sticky. If you are new to lip plumpers then the tingling sensation can make applying the lip gloss a little painful.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump

The XL is a stronger version of the original Sexy Mother Pucker. This one has extra strength collagen which contains three of the trademarked ingredients to create an instant fuller lip.

Pros: This is said to be even better than the original. It has the same tingly feeling but will provide more of a plumping effect. It enhances the lip line and makes lips appear pinker. Also has a really nice scent and flavour to it.

Cons: Although it is a slight improvement on the original, the effect of the plumper does not range much differently to the first.

Too Faced Fat Kiss

The Fat Kiss contains a blend of oils that stimulate and plump up your lips. It claims to add 40% more volume. The gloss has a rollerball applicator which makes it really easy to apply. It has a nice, spicy taste to it and gives a sheer glossy finish.

Pros: It comes beautifully packaged and is very easy to use, with the rollerball applicator. Works lovely as a sheer glossy gloss.

Cons: The plumping effect may not live up to its name, or by the 40% increase. Works great as a gloss but not a great one if you are after really plumped up lips and volume.


City Lips Lip Plumper

City Lips will deliver sexier fuller looking lips, whilst packing a good dose of collagen. You will look great and your lips will feel great too. To get the full benefits of the City Lips there’s a 2 step process to follow to ensure you get the full benefits of this product. Paint your lips with the clear gloss at night then, in the morning, use the coloured gloss throughout the day.

Pros: Great product to improve the fullness of the lips over time whilst also making your pout healthier. Also give you plumper lips without the sting or burn as some of the other plumpers do.

Cons: Doesn’t Instantly plump your lips, but for a good tip apply to the 2 step process for full effect. Full effects after 30 days.

So for the thin- lipped girls out there or just those of you who want a bigger pout, give these plumpers a go and see which one works best for you. Then you’ll be turning heads in no time.

29th March 2017
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