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26th October 2016

Picking The Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone.



To ensure that you are about to choose the best shade of foundation for you, is by testing swatches of the foundations on your neck, below your jawbone. Testing foundation shades on your forearm or wrist will give you a false match.


Smudging It Away.



You can instantly make your eye makeup look sexier and more seductive by smudging and create more of a soft eyeliner than a harsh line.




Try applying your highlighter to the corner of your inner eyes and also to the centre of your lid. Doing this will make your eyes appear more awake. Adding highlight underneath your brow bone will also create the illusion of a lift.


Mascara, The Right Way To Apply.



To make your lashes appear fuller and longer, try wiggling your mascara wand back and forth as you’re applying. Then turn the mascara wand round so it is vertical, this helps for precise application of the bottom lashes.


Mastering Liquid Eyeliner.


By using a small piece of tape, it can help you stencil out where to apply your eyeliner flawlessly every time for a perfect winged liner.


Filling In Eyebrows.


When it comes to filling in your eyebrows, it doesn’t have to be a big and lengthy process. You can just keep it pretty simple by just filling them in. Use a brow powder or a pencil and define the bottom line of your brow and the smudge upwards and don’t forget to blend.


Red Lipstick As Concealer.


Colour Correcting is a great way to hide flaws that you have with your skin and using this hack nails this brilliantly. Using red lipstick underneath the eyes followed with concealer, is a great way to hide those under eye bags or circles.


Lip Lining.



Lip Lining is the perfect way to enhance your lips and it will also ensure that your lipstick will last longer. Start by defining your cupid’s bow with a ‘x’ shape, then follow the picture (above) for what to do next.


Chissiled Cheekbones.



By using a bronzer, highlighter and a blush on these areas of your face, can really make your cheekbones pop and emphasise the parts of your face that you really want to.


Broken Compacts.


To repair a broken compact, blush or even your favourite eyeshadow, use this genius idea.

All you need is a little rubbing alcohol, plastic wrap, a small to press the powder back into form and some patience for it dry.


Hashtag Smoky Eye.



Using this method to create a smoky eye is such an easy yet brilliant hack. All you need to do is use a eye pencil to draw a hashtag symbol on the outer corners of your eyes and then smudge and blend.


Baking It.



This trending technique is called baking. Doing this after your liquid powder, will ensure that your look will last throughout the day. Allowing your makeup to set and then finishing it off by using a translucent powder will give you staying power.

26th October 2016
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