Here’s How To Tackle Any Festive Beauty SOS

7th December 2016

Here are a few pre party fixes so when it comes to those 5pm complexions and the shiny chins or even the sofa calling your name after a long day, these fixes will have you in the party mood in no time!

Zap That Zit.


Using liquid concealers like MAC’s Studio Conceal and Correct Duo are great to hide those pesky spots and I find it best to apply a tiny amount of powder directly over that with a small makeup brush. Doing this, ensures that the brush removes any flaking skin and the powder will help the concealer to conceal the spot without looking obvious or cakey.

Flakes, No More.


Having dry lips and lipstick don’t mix well, especially when it comes to matte lipsticks, which is the look of this season. A great one to fight the flakes is the Cliniques Sweet Pots as one half contains a sugary scrub and the other is a tinted lip balm. This will leave you lips primed and plump for those lipsticks.

Switch Up Your Mood.


The lure of your sofa is calling more than the call of going out? Drinking down a sachet, mixed with water, of Emergen C will do the treat to perk you up better than grabbing an espresso. Also try misting the air with the Neom Energy Boosting Mist. The citrus oils with help to keep your focus and also lift spirits. In other words these to products with help you bring your A game.

Waking Up Your Eyes.


After cleaning up your face and your eye area, firmly press some concealer, we prefer the NARS Radiant Concealer place this into the inner corners of your eyes, the outer corners and then underneath your irises. For finishing touches, brush your brows upwards, giving them a lift then adding a few coats of mascara.

Flat Hair.


Rescuing flat hair in a hurry, we have all been there. Forget trying to add more products to it to boost its volume as this usually just makes it look worse. Instead opt for an easy up do like the bun. Pull your hair back using a ghd Paddle Brush so it sits at the top of your ears, this looks the most modern and won’t draw attention away from outfit and it will make your cheekbones look fantastic.

Saving A Chipped Nail.


To save a chipped nail in an emergency is easy. Add a layer of your favourite glittery nail polish, our favourite is the MAVALA Glam Nail Polish not only will this hide any chips but will also give an added shine. Plus, glitter polishes tend to dry a lot faster than other top coats.

We hope that a few of these festive SOS tips will help you to keep looking your best throughout the holiday season and all those big nights out that are popping up short notice.

Image Credit: Gauthier DELECROIX on Flickr

7th December 2016
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