Here’s How To Disguise Your Christmas Hangover.

28th December 2016

So it’s now the season where, some of us, will over indulge and drink far too much then quickly regret it all in the morning.

So you’ve woken up. Not feeling your best but want the fresh and fab look of a rested night’s sleep, thankfully there are a few ways to fake it.

So if you have an Office Christmas party coming out or maybe you have already have one, fight the signs by following these beauty tricks for the morning after.

Hydrating and Exfoliating.

This might sound like the biggest effort, especially if you are still struggling to get out of bed but it is the best thing you can do for your skin. So jump in that shower and lather up!

Our skin is often dry in the mornings and after drinking alcohol as it will dehydrate you.

Use a scrub, like the ESPA Refining Skin Polish and give your face a good wash, doing this will also create a smooth base for your makeup, then finish off with a moisturising cream. Grab one that is slightly thicker as your skin will want the extra hydration. The Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief


Natural Glow

Even after you have buffed your skin, it might not look its best yet. To fool everyone into thinking that you are glowing and healthy, grab a primer, the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is great for adding some radiance and hiding those imperfections. Primers are also great for helping keep makeup in place all day.

Shade Correcting

The biggest giveaways are dark circles and under eye bags so you will want to get rid of those as soon as possible. Colour correcting is great for this. Although it might sound fiddly, it is actually quite simple. Use a orange shade if you have darker skin and for fairer skin use a yellow shade. Dab some around the under eye area and blend in before you start applying your foundation. The Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid is great for colour correcting.

Pink Blush

When you have finished with your base makeup, then this is when you want to add some colour to your cheeks. Pink shades will give you the illusion of a radiant and healthy complexion. Add a rose pink blush or a rosy lip balm/gloss. When choosing a blush, pick a liquid one over a powder as this will give you more of a dewy look. A lip balm rather than a matte lipstick will also be more flattering and will hydrate your lips too. Check out Benefit Benetint Rose Tinted Lip and Cheek Stain

Finishing Off

You eyes are the tell all to all the cocktails that you had the night before, so you must not forget about them. Sore and tired eyes are a massive tell tale sign of a hangover so use a couple of drops of a moisturising eye drops and there you go, you are all set to face the world.

28th December 2016
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