Festive French 75

26th December 2017

A long time ago, due to a series of really unfortunate events, I spent three months living in a hotel. At the time it was the oddest thing that had ever happened to me. The hotel was expensive and I hated “living” there. I sound really negative but at the time not being settled in a home was incredibly inconvenient to me. Also, I never really had much say in the choice of accommodation and the cost really caused me anxiety. The one thing that I enjoyed the whole time I was there (the food was not good – I understand the hotel has been refurbished since and hope very much that they changed the menu) was a cocktail that I had never had before from the fancy cocktail bar they opened during my stay.

I love gin so when I saw a classy looking gin and champagne cocktail on the menu I was excited to try the French 75. I thought it was really delicious and have always looked out for them on cocktail menus ever since. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be a particularly popular cocktail so I don’t often get to order it.

I absolutely love making and drinking cocktails – especially if I can think of something seasonal. Here’s my festive version of a French 75 made with sloe gin. If you want other festive drinks ideas then why not try a twinkle or a clementine and lime Buck’s Fizz?

Ingredients (per champagne flute)

35ml sloe gin

10ml lemon juice

10ml simple syrup


How To Mix It

Combine gin, sugar syrup and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

Strain into a champagne flute

Top up with your choice of fizz

If you want to be Christmas fancy then add a sprig of thyme or rosemary or garnish with a blackberry or twist of peel.

Festive French 75 cocktail in a Vintage Babycham Coupe glass

26th December 2017
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