Festival Favourites

22nd July 2016

As Festival season is upon us and officially has been kicked off with a bang, it is time to start stocking up on beauty products that will help to ensure that no one will know just how late you were up till in the dance tent.

Don’t be scared to use those extra bits of makeup that you have been dying to try out but have been too much for a walk to the local shop. Glitter, feathers, accessories and bright, bold lipsticks. Pile it all on! Lets face it, if you can’t wear it in a field with fellow music lovers, then where can you?

Travel Size Face Spritz

Having a travel sized face spritz will not only ensure that your makeup will stay put but will also keep your skin hydrated. Buy a 30ml size, as these are the perfect size to pack in your festival bag and you can keep on you throughout the day too. Even though you will be spending your days drinking and in makeup revelry, you won’t need to worry about your skin glowing.

Hair Enhancer

Festival hair. The first day will probably contain milk braids or braids of some sort. Not only do these types of hairstyles prevent you from getting your hair caught in your sequin outfit but it will also help you to prepare for day 2 hair style, they call it the mermaid perm. Using a hair enhancer, beachy wave spray, first before braiding your hair then again after you have brushed them out will help to achieve the beach babe hairstyle with some added volume and texture. The sea salt in the spray will help your roots from getting too greasy looking.

Recovery Potion

Recovery Potions like this one are made with distilled botanicals and will be the mother of all skin treatments whilst camping. It is non greasy and is great for prepping the skin before you go and also each night before bed. You will wake up like you have just spent the night getting a spa treatment facial. No one will ever be able to tell what shenanigans you actually got up to last night.

Your Base

Not only is the Garnier BB Cream light, it also doesn’t clog up pores or settle into any laughter lines. The Blur BB Cream will help you to create great coverage that has a sheer finish which is a great antidote for partied out and tired skin.

Long Lasting Lip Colour

A great tip I was once told was to wear red lipstick when you are feeling tired as it will distract the eye from the huge bags you’re carrying under your eyes. Lip Stains are perfect for days of partying as once applied they do not budge. Not only is it sweat proof, it is also cider proof.

The All In One

The obvious qualities of course are for chapped lips but Vaseline is great for aiding in the glitter application. It is gentle on your skin, keeps glitter in place all day and is good for cuts and grazes. Last but not least, if you can’t find any wipes to take your makeup off then Vaseline will work great to take off makeup and even stubborn mascara.

Feature Image Credit: NejroN / 123RF Stock Photo

22nd July 2016
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