Bridal Makeup Looks For Wedding Season!

Natural Bridal Make Up
2nd June 2016

With wedding season almost underway, we have found this excellent website, Hitched who have written and created the ultimate guide for your big day. Hitched have created a fantastic interactive guide to choosing your wedding dress and all the bits that go with it – shoes, underwear, wedding hair. There’s even a small makeup guide built in at the bottom! Where Hitched leaves off with a basic make up tutorial for your big day, we take up the mantel and give you our roundup of the best bridal makeup looks.

Natural Bridal Makeup

A great look for brides who aren’t used to wearing a lot of products on their face! Remember, too pale and you might look washed out in photographs. Ensure one of your trusty bridesmaids have the requisite potions and tools to get you through the day. Also, remember that a few glasses of champagne will also actually make your skin seem paler – so check your blusher etc before you have any of your professional photos done. A natural bridal makeup look is fairly simple to maintain throughout the day and less makeup to worry about smudging should the weather or your emotions not hold out the day!

Natural Bridal MakeUp

Wow Your Guests With Vintage Glamour

If you’re looking to be a bit of a bombshell on your big day then why not go for some vintage glamour a la Marilyn Monroe – platinum locks are optional (if you’re dark that might be a little drastic for the day!). There’s a red lipstick to suit every skin tone and hair colour (I personally LOVE Mac Ruby Woo for a great matte finish which suits my blonde hair. MAC is great but a fantastic dupe is the great red Kate Moss did for Rimmel – check it out here). This bridal makeup look is timeless and classic so won’t date like some makeup trends do (remember your grandkids will see these pictures one day!)

vintage glamour bridal makeup

Rustic Charm Bridal Make Up

If you are having a rustic themed wedding then what could be sweeter than letting this beautiful crown of flowers take centre stage. A sweep of taupe with a slightly smoky cut crease to accentuate the eyes is literally all you need. Try the awesome Urban Decay Basics Naked Palette, get it here.  If you are going for a bare or nude lip then please ensure that you have a couple of test photos done – you might change your mind! As with all these looks make sure you have done your prep work – exfoliate and moisturise those lips!

rustic charm bridal makeup

Dramatic Make Up

For those who are more comfortable in a full face of makeup (me if I could be bothered every day but I guess for sure on my wedding day) then this dramatic look is so stunning. Lashings of kohl and great base make up is needed here. For dark skin tones Vogue has an awesome article to help you choose a foundation here. Becca does an amazing range of cruelty free makeup and they are recommended on the Vogue list. Check the mink colour foundation out here.

dramatic bridal makeup

2nd June 2016
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