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15th March 2017

When brows started to become the new trend, some of us were disappointed that the barely there brows, would stop me from being able to jump on the bandwagon, but luckily for us there are tons of beauty wizardry out there.

After doing our research, from some impressive beauty experts, we have been able to clear a few things up, using the right skill and products.

Dry, Brittle and Damaged Hair? Here’s How To Get Beautiful Bouncy Locks.

As we use our hair dryers, straighteners and other chemicals to be able to tame your manes, this doesn’t mean we can’t have the hair of Gigi Hadid.

To being able to fix dry hair, we need to understand what the cause is. Dry hair usually stems from the hair being dehydrated and having open cuticles. Hair cuticles are a protective layer that wraps around the hair, keeping moisture inside, thus giving the hair its shine. When the hair cuticle is open it lets the moisture escape, making the hair frizzy and dry.

To close the cuticles you need to use a conditioning mask or serum alongside rinsing your hair with cold water. Just spending 5 minutes making sure you have rinsed with cold water, it should make you hair look more silky without having to spend any money.

Lady using hair dryer

Fuller Looking Eyebrows … When You Barely Have Any.

Over the years, a lot of women have plucked so much that they don’t have naturally thick eyebrows. The fastest way to remedy this is with makeup. You can use pencils and definers to draw lines on your brows that will mimic hair. This to some might sound like you will end up looking like a cartoon villain rather than looking like Cara Delevingne, but using a soft product will actually help to create a feathery looking brow.

Claire Danes made the eyelash growth product Latisse famous, this can be applied to your brows too. However, Latisse is only available by prescription and one bottle will, on average, last a month and can cost around £100. If you are like me and would rather find more of an affordable choice then the answer is a nourishing oil. Vanita Parti, part owner of Blink Brow Bare suggests using Bbrows nourishing oil, not only is it organic with ingredients such as almond oil and rosemary but will also help to strengthen and condition your eyebrows. This bottle is only £30 and you will see result after around 2 weeks.

Half lady's face showing eyes and eyebrows

Flimsy nails? … Here’s How To Get Glossy, Strong Nails.

If you are trying to get your damaged nails to look beautiful then it is suggested that you use nail stickers. Your nails need healing and you should put off using polish until your nails are fully restored. Stickers are a great way to get a finished look that won’t harm your nails. Some people think that when having acrylic or gel nails, they help to protect your nails but the reality is, that they are quite destructive to your natural nails and you can observe that when your fake nails are removed.  

Nails stickers aren’t just for the use of tweens as they are some great options for adults too. Sally Henson Nail Strips are quite popular as they have a great variety and availability. They are is most drug stores. Most complaints with the stickers are that they can be too big, but this just requires you to shape them to your natural nail.

One of the best ways to achieve cute glossy nails is to eat lots of protein such as eggs, meat, fish and nuts, also to take Biotin Vitamins.

lady getting her nails done

Small Peepers? … Here’s How To Create Smoky Eyes.

As we have grown up watching Disney princesses, some do believe that having big doe eyes are the norm, but in reality there are a lot of us sporting smaller peepers, and like other, we too want them to look dramatic.

For those of you that have small eyes, then try and stick to dark bronze colours, grey shadows to create your smoky eye. Avoid the dark colours like charcoal and black as these will define your eyes more clearly. We also recommend that you use a primer on your lids and underneath your bottom lashes, this will help when blending out the colours so there isn’t any harsh lines. If you are applying eyeliner then to the trick is to smudge it out using a Q tip. Finally, you can finish off the smoky eye look by adding some falsies.

makeup artist doing girls makeup

Here is a list of Primers that wont budge, to help create that smoky eye you are after.

15th March 2017
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