A Guide On How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner

8th February 2016

The most important thing you need to know about perfecting this beauty technique is to not be intimidated by it.

In this article we will talk you through how easy it can be and share some tips to help you along the way. And after that, take you to the next level and beyond.

Mastering the three liquid eyeliner looks you will ever need.

Everyday look:

To achieve that perfect everyday look, a thin and steady line hugging the top lashline and ever so slightly angling out This will create just enough drama to your eyes. Complete this look with a little dusting of eyeshadow then a good coating of mascara to finish the look. Leaving the bottom lashes bare will give you everyday a softer look.

The Basic Liner

Step 1: Starting in the middle of your eyelid, where the liner strip should thicken, begin to draw your line, in short dashes. Sketching the little dashes instead of one full swoop will enable you more control of your liner. Using a finger on your opposite hand, slightly lift your eyelids. This will make you skin taut, making it easier for you to get closer to your lashline.

Step 2: When you go back to the inner corner of your eye, don’t add more product to your brush or tool. Paint little strokes until you reach your tear ducts using the tip of your brush.Step 3: Dip a Q tip in a bit of makeup removing and drag it along the edge of your line to clean anyway wayward stroke. Let your liner dry before doing this.

Step 3: Dip a Q tip in a bit of makeup removing and drag it along the edge of your line to clean anyway wayward stroke. Let your liner dry before doing this.

A Little Bolder Eye:

This look can go from day to evening. A Thicker flick of the liner that angles out past your lashes.

The Cat Eye

Step 1: Starting at the middle and continuing the liner past the ends, building up layers along your top lashline. Using the side of your brush, create a thick line as you move along to the end then release and use the tip to create the flick. Angle it more towards your temples instead of the ends of your brows.
Step 2: Going back to where you started at the middle, use your brush to now create the line towards your tear ducts, tapering the thickness. Use a Q tip to perfect your flick.
Step 3: Retrace your steps do make sure there are no blurred lines. Once the liner has dried open your eyes. This ensures the liner doesn’t hit your crease.

More Daring Eye

This is a more statement look. Lining the upper and lower lashes, creating a dramatic wing on the outer corners.

The Winged Liner

Step 1: To create the winged look, start off with a dark pigmented cream eye shadow.
Step 2: Dab a small flat brush into the creamy eye shadow and press it onto your lids, From your lash line to the crease of your eye. With the same flat brush buff the dark shade into the crease for an added depth. Then apply your liner. concentrate more of forming and straight line outwards instead of a line that curves upwards.
Step 3: With your liner, create a line beneath the lower lashes and be sure to connect this line to the upper. To add more intense to you look, apply the product your waterline. Then with a fluffy brush gently diffuse the lower line. Again if any wayward lines or mess, use a Q tip to clean up.

Feature Image Credit: Madisynaliya Via Flickr

8th February 2016
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