Strange Spring Beauty Trends 2017

3rd May 2017

We see endless amounts of selfies, holiday snaps and lots of food porn thanks to the world of Instagram but the latest crazes we can give Instagram thanks for, are these beauty trends that will follow.

Contouring, at first, was a weird beauty trend but has become normal in many of our makeup routines. Then there was the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, that one was quite ill – fated, then the fury nails (gross), crystal pouts (completely impractical) and those are just a few! 2016 was definitely the year that kept on giving, in the beauty industry.

Fortunately for us makeup addicts, or those of you who just like a laugh sometimes, nothing much is going to change in 2017. Some are fascinating and other just a little creepy. You should check them out and see if your game for these new trends.

Feathering Eyebrows

We all love a great eyebrow moment and we champion those who perfect them but mixing it with a middle parting? This new trend is one for the brave …

Holographic Coloured Hair

Having holographic hair will definitely get you noticed walking down the street and will even enter you in for Instagram gold, or maybe even silver?

Flower Power

Don’t we just love it when makeup artist take their skills to another level! This is shown in the newest trend of floral eyeliners. If you have a steady hand, you should give this a try for spring!

Hair Like Candy 

The sweetest trend coming for Spring is having hair that My Little Pony will be jealous of.

Unicorn Manicures

Lets face it, we all are in love with unicorns, so i doubt getting behind this trend won’t be difficult, I mean just look at them! Amazing.

Big Girl Braids

I am totally in love with this corset braid! Perfect for us big girls to rock out braids! Great mix of sophistication and youth.

Glittery Boobies

Have you ever heard that subtle is sexy? Well trying this look will definitely not be subtle but hey if it works, it works. You will certainly demand attention. This might be one to watch out for with the upcoming festivals perhaps?

So there you have it, some of the hot trends that could blow up in 2017, we will just have to see!


3rd May 2017
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