Raw Pasta Sauce (Super Simple)

7th August 2017

Sundays are normally very food-centric in my house. I like to batch cook stuff for freezing, and I am a huge fan of a Sunday Roast. This weekend just gone was a bit of a strange one as I spent most of Sunday colouring my friend’s hair as she’s off to Boomtown Fair this weekend. So, most of my day was spent with latex gloves on, painting my friend’s hair bright blue! I made this super simple raw pasta┬ásauce with fresh home grown tomatoes to stir through hot pasta as it was just me eating and it took mere minutes to throw together!

There is something really satisfying about eating a huge bowl of steaming pasta with a fresh raw pasta sauce. Tomatoes are one of my favourite ingredients – so juicy and they can add such a depth of flavour to a dish – whether cooked or raw! I also make a really slow roasted confit tomato sauce which goes great with pasta or as the tomato sauce layer on a pizza – but I’ll share that one another day!

I grew my own tomatoes this year – not something I have done for a long time – I will say that in a tiny patio garden it is difficult! They don’t get enough sun in my garden (in my opinion) to really flower as much as I have seen other people’s plants (my friend has a south facing garden and her plants were absolutely stuffed with little yellow flowers). ┬áThe plants also took up a lot of space. I might wait until I have a garden before I grow my own again, especially given how cheap they are in farm shops (shoutout here to Crapes Fruit Farm near where I live who deliver a box of amazing fruits and veggies to me every Friday).

Raw Pasta Sauce Ingredients

4 tomatoes, roughly chopped and seasoned with salt and pepper
Juice and zest of 1/2 a lemon
Teaspoon of capers
Handful of chopped basil and parsley
Olive oil (small glug)
Chunks of goats cheese (I probably used about 40g)

ingredients ready for raw pasta sauce


Cook spaghetti, drain and save a little cooking water. Add the sauce ingredients and stir through with a few drops of the cooking liquor from the pasta pot. Serve and enjoy! Great with garlic bread to mop up tomatoey juices!

raw pasta sauce with tomatoes

7th August 2017
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