How To Look Fabulous On New Year’s Eve

new years eve
25th December 2015

Are you ready to bring in the New Year yet?

Before it is all over again and the ball drops and we say goodbye to this year, we all know there will be lots of parties to attend and makeup revelry all around. So before you shake the dancefloor up with some of those classic dance moves with your best girlfriends, we have gathered a few things to get you into the spirit of the New Year’s Eve parties and all the makeup routines you will be trolling through. We have gathered a few helpful tips to get you looking extremely flawless without a moment to spare.

The Perfect Outfit

A special New Year’s Eve outfit will instantly make you feel special and put you in the mood for dancing the night away. A new outfit will give you a boost in confidence and make you feel good wearing that special something for the New Year’s occasion. What ever outfit is right for you, going shopping for something spectacular that will make you feel fabulous for the party.

Nail Perfect

Painting your nails differently for the holiday season is a great way to feel fab. Tis the season for everything that sparkles. Opting for a nail polish with glitter isn’t going to be a bad choice, neither will a classic red nail. Whichever colour you to choose, having your nails done will always make you feel a little more put together for that big night out.

Perfect Face Base

If you have the time to, give yourself a facial before your big night out. Who doesn’t love a facial right? And you will be so thankful that you have done it as it will give your skin a wonderful glow. Having a facial will not only give you that glow, it will also give you a better surface to work with before you start applying your makeup. Your makeup will look ever more flawless than usual. If you decide to go for a professional facial, after all it’s the season where you can indulge a little, then go and relax before a crazy night out.

New Hair Do

Not sure about you but getting my hair done before a night out makes me feel so much prettier, so why not hit the salon and book in an appointment for a fresh cut, colour or even if it’s just a blow day? Going out knowing that your hair is in tip top condition with no roots or dead ends will feel perfect and you will feel great about yourself and i’m sure even your friends will notice something different.

Glitz and Glamourous

New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to bring out the inner diva. It’s the perfect chance to wear something that isn’t necessarily that you normally would or to wear your hair in a totally new way. It is the time to look your absolute best and dress up. After all the occasion calls for a bit more flashiness.

Go Bold With Your Makeup Routine

As New Year’s Eve is not a normal day at the office, you can get away with being a little more playful with your makeup choices. It is the perfect opportunity to go for a fierce and bold smokey eye with a nude lip or even the classic black winged liner with a deep red lip. It’s all about what you love to wear when you don’t have many occasions to wear it. So put your everyday makeup routine down for a minute and bring out the bolder you.

Accessory Amazing

All those accessories you have may have are a little too bold to wear day to day, this is the perfect chance to get them out and try them on. That clutch you bought but haven’t had the perfect night to use it, grab that. That huge statement necklace that was to die for, but was to big for an office look, grab that out your cupboard too. New Year’s Eve doesn’t have rules when it comes to fashion, it’s all about the dressing up and having fun.

Feature image credit: Nana B Agyei via Flickr.

25th December 2015
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