To All The Long Hair Lovers.

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6th March 2017


As I am swiftly approaching 29 years old, for as long as I can remember, my hair has always been long. Right now, the back layers sit above my waist and the front layers, at the bottom of my boobs, which according to some hairdressers I go to is classified as extra long and can also incur additional charges to my salon visits, great. My hair is often the first thing people will notice about me. As we see beauty trends that come and go through the seasons and over the years, I have firmly resisted the impulse to change it.

I do have times where I look at people who have had the chop and got pixie cuts or bobs, and feel quite envious but every time my butt hits that chair, a firm, “just an inch or two” is always my request. One of my fave things about having long hair, is that it can make a fairly big statement without great effort.

Most days il wear my long hair down with loose waves or, for those days just relaxing around the house, it will be up in a messy bun. I do try to get the split ends cut around the 3 month mark to maintain a good condition, and while I am at the salon I will opt for a luxurious blow-dry, I mean who doesn’t love a tousled, volumised finish?

I’d like to think that one of these days I might brave the chop but for now, the extra long hair is here to stay. Here are a few tips on how I care for my hair, if you are thinking about growing yours out. Also you can check out our post on hair supplements that will help your locks to grow.

Long hair brunette gir


Five Lessons For Long Hair

  1. Having ratty ends will make your flowing locks look instantly lacklustre. So don’t be putting off those trims.
  2. Try not to sleep with your hair wet, the kinks the next day are a pain to get rid of.
  3. Sleep with your hair in a ponytail or a braid if possible. Doing this will help with the tangles & knots in the morning.
  4. Whilst on the subject of tangles, buy a detangler or tangle teezer. This will be your new best friend.
  5. Sometimes you will find that long hair can lack some of that lovely volume, a great tip to battle this is to dry your hair upside down. It will give your hair a natural boost.
6th March 2017
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