Fuzzy Faced Men Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

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4th December 2015

So this fantastic new trend is one for the men of the world.

As we all know more and more men are now sporting a beard or growing one out, but that isn’t news to us. What is is that a brave handful of bearded guys are taking it one step further and incorporating the festive season into their whiskers.

All of you fuzzy faced and bearded men can join in on the latest trend and also get into the Christmas spirit.

Glittering beards!

Men have started decorating their beards and fluffy chins with glitter, turning their faces into the ultimate Christmas Accessory. This trend has also taken to the world of social media with the hashtag #glitterbeards.

The images that have been shown on Instagram show that gold and silvers are the main colours for the glitter beard, but colours like green and reds are now making an appearance in time for the festivities.

But who is responsible for this?

The duo who embraced this festive trend are best friends, Jonathan and Brian. Originated in Portland Oregon and who are known more as ‘TheGayBeards’.

Since the pair posted a picture of themselves with glittery face fluff on Instagram, they have been overflowed with questions about how to create such a fab look without totally destroying that luscious beard.

If you are reading this and wondering “ How do I get an epic glittery beard?”,well all you need is some glitter, beard oil and a willing chin to take part. Once you have your beard prepped and trimmed (and greased up), you then pour the glitter onto the hair, being careful to not breathe any in. No glue! Please don’t try and use glue.

Ladies be warned though as it is coming up to the season of mistletoe action, shedding of glittery shards could become an occupational hazard.

On a smaller note this could cause blocked drains, huge dry cleaning bills and excessive amounts of hoovering. It may sound like a fun idea, but always make sure that you can handle the aftermath before going ahead.

Feature image credit: JimmyMac210 via Flickr.

4th December 2015
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