Cleansing Mistakes You Are Probably Making And Here’s How To Fix Them.

10th April 2017

My opinion is that cleansing is a very important part of any beauty regime. I mean, we can go out and buy all sorts of fancy creams, but if you aren’t removing all of your makeup or the daily buildup of residue, then the fancy creams won’t make any sort of impact, as they won’t penetrate enough to make a difference.

A good cleanser should be at the top of your beauty list. Using a great one and using it properly, then you will start to see a difference. Alot think that cleansing your face is a pretty basic thing to do but it can easy to get it wrong.

Here are a few of the mistakes that you could be making, and how to fix them.

Face Wipes And Micellar Water.

Face wipes and micellar water come under the same problematic category for me. This is because they will only remove makeup and dirt that is visible to the surface. They both leave the dirt that sits under the surface behind, this can cause irritation, blocked pores and spots. As an emergency (festivals etc), they’re good but you shouldn’t rely on them for a thorough cleansing.

Turning Up The Heat.

When having the water too hot, this can cause damage and some aggravation that affect the moisture levels of the skin. Using scalding hot water will strip the skin of its natural oils and can also burn the skins surface. You should use water that is warm, this helps lather up your cleanser helping you to remove your makeup, also don’t blast your skin with freezing water.

Dirty Face Cloths.

It is so important to use a clean face cloth every day, this is to ensure that your are washing away the dirt and makeup residue rather than rubbing it back into your face.You don’t have to go out a buy loads of expensive face cloths, i buy the packs of 5 from Primark which are around £2, this ensures that I have enough for the week and for some to be in the laundry.

Eye Makeup Removal.

Although I would prefer to use a cleanser that removes every trace of makeup I have on, removing your eye makeup with a dual phrase lotion can be quite beneficial. Most mascaras and eyeshadows contain high levels of talc. Talc is a drying agent that when is being washed off can cause irritation around the eye area and not only that but drain the area of moisture, causing the fine lines everyone dreads.


We hope you have learn a new thing or two about face cleansing. Any tips that you will be adding into your daily routine? Or you might have other tips, if so let us know on our Twitter or Facebook page.

10th April 2017
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