14 Tips Everyone With A Beautyblender Will Need To Know

15th August 2016

Beauty Blenders come in 4 different sizes and all they different uses.

The original is the Pink beauty blender. The is perfect for powder and liquid products. And the limited red blender has the exact same structure that the pink has.
The Pure is the white beauty blender. It called Pure because it has no dyes into which is great for those who have sensitive skin.
The Pro beauty blender is the black one. This is mainly intended for the darker products we like to use, such a fake tan and is harder to remove from the lighter sponges.
The Micro Mini is the smallest blender and is green. This is great for the smaller places that you want to blend as it is a quarter of the size as the other blenders.

The original sized beauty blender can do the same job as a micro, before you run out to buy every single one you can get your hands on. Whilst the micro blenders can be very useful, the originals can do the same job, just by pinching the pointed end. Doing this will create the shape of the micro and will allow you to get into those smaller areas you wish to reach.

Use paper towel to dry off your beauty blender after you have made it damp.

When using your beauty blender, you want it to be slightly damp and fluffy. This is the best way to ensure that you have the perfect finish to your foundation. You foundation finish will change if you sponge is too wet, and if you blender is too dry then the product will absorb into the sponge and thus making it a lot harder to transfer to your face.
Use cold water in the summer heat and warmer water in the colder temperatures.

Using warm water will help the foundations melt especially if the formulas are on the heavier side.

Using cold water will help to feel more refreshed whilst it is hot out.
To avoid your beauty blender tearing, squeeze out the excess water. Wringing out your beauty lender will cause the most damage to your sponge and the opposing motion causes strain.
Apply your foundation to your hand instead of directly to your sponge.

Dabbing your sponge into your product instead of pumping it onto your sponge will allow for less waste. This will also help when picking exact foundation colour and to get even more coverage.
Don’t sweep across your face, but press into the skin.

Pressing your foundation into skin will allow you to have a much more natural finish and is much more gentle to your skin. Sweeping your foundation across your face will create lines on your face and can cause streaks on the surface of your skin.

You don’t have to be limited to only using your foundation or concealer. The beauty blender can also be used for cream products such as blush, contour and highlights.

You can use the blender to buff out the the lighter products such as your concealer, the with the pointed tip of the sponge to carve out your cheekbones and you can be much more precise than when using a buffing brush.

All you need is a bar of soap, to clean it.

A cheap and effective way to clean your beauty blender is with a bar of soap. You can simply run it across the soap a few times then rinse and repeat. The soap being a hard nature, it is strong enough to remove the product. You can buy cleaner and baby shampoo can work but a bar of soap if definitely the way to go.

Wash your beauty blender right after you have used it.

Don’t throw away your packaging as this will come in handy after you clean it. The design of the packaging actually allows the sponge to dry and once the sponge is dry, drop it back into the packaging and this will prevent any mould or bacteria growth.
When washing your sponge, it is totally normal for some of the colour to run, this won’t transfer onto your clothes or skin.
You should change your beauty blender every few months or so, or when you feel like it is changing in texture or looks a lot different. Also if your sponge is no longer egg shaped then you know it is time to grab a new one.


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15th August 2016
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