10 Festive Makeup Tips For You This Christmas!

3rd December 2016

As we are all well aware that ‘Tis the season to stress’, whether that be about presents for loved ones or what festive food that needs to be prepped and ready for the big day to come, but by simple stocking up on some lovely skin, makeup and hair tips, you won’t have to stress about being party ready and looking your best for those Christmas family photos.

Here are a few simple tips, we have collected for you to help you be festive ready.

Tip 1:


We all love a bit of tinsel around the Christmas Tree and twinkling lights around the house because it makes your home look all festive and glowing. The same goes for your cheekbones with highlighter. So grab yourself some shimmering powder and sweep it across the top of your cheekbones, on the inner corners of your eyes and also under your brows. If you have a darker skin tone then go for a shimmer that has a gold tone and for those of you that have a lighter complexion, go for the ones with a pink undertone.

Tip 2:


Brows can do wonders for framing your face. Grooming them and filling in any sparse places, will give your face an instant pick up. Found yourself a brow kit that has a set of mini tweezers, little eyebrow stencils, powder, a brush and some eyebrow wax. These are great to have to tame your eyebrows.

Tip 3:

French Manicure.

What better way to celebrate Christmas then to have a beautiful set of manicured nails. For this season try and revamp a french manicure with luminescent versions instead of the bog standard white and pink? It will create the same effect as a french manicure but with a sparkling festive twist.

Tip 4:

Pretty Ponytails.

So you might be thinking, hang on, a ponytail? This might be an everyday look for you but you’ll be surprised to see how it can make your holiday makeup look very pretty. We recommend that you tease your hair at the crown before you secure it. For a finishing touch, grab a small section of hair from the ponytail to wrap around the elastic to conceal it.

Tip 5:


Just sweeping some black eyeliner across your lid will not only make a bold statement but also a elegant one. This eye makeup look rarely needs anything else. If you haven’t quite mastered the eyeliner flick, then starting from the inner corner of the eye, make little dash makes across the lash line and once you are happy then you can go back and connect them together.

Tip 6:


So, we all know that chocolate is one of the yummiest treats of this season, but it can also be a great little alternative than the red lip. We do suggest you leave the matte browns alone and try out the browns with a red undertone.

Tip 7:

Parting Your Hair.

Do you normally wear your hair on the right side? Or do you normally wear it on the left? For the Christmas season approaching, how about changing your hair parting? Changing you hair part can not only change your entire look, but can also give your hair extra body that you might never knew you had.

Tip 8:


When we think about holiday prettiness, we think of blusher and rosy cheeks. Try vamping up your natural rosiness by using two blushers together, one lighter and one darker. Start off by sweeping your blush over the lighter one then tweaking it with the darker one.

Tip 9:

Short Hair.

Short hair can be styled to look just a glamorous as long tousled locks just in half the time! Brilliant! Even with the most boyish of haircuts, you can still have more subtle pieces that will frame around your face. A tip for this, is to work the hair product through your fingers first then on to your hair, giving it a more piecey look that holds.

Tip 10:

Burgundy Nail Polish.

Having burgundy nails are a must this season especially for those who want an instant dramatic effect. The burgundy colours are a modern feel that won’t ever go out of fashion.

3rd December 2016
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